Happy Indian Independence Day!

15 Aug

On this anniversary of India’s independence, as an Indian American I am thrilled to be part of a project at the Smithsonian that will be the first exhibition to recognize our incredible legacy. Just as our ancestors fought for the right to determine their own destiny, this exhibition will allow us to tell our own stories.

Today, we launch a campaign that invites you to share your photographs. When immigrants from India started settling in the U.S. during the early 1900s, most all popular images of these pioneers repeated the exotic stereotypes of the Orient that were already in wide circulation. For example, the Chicago-based McLaughlin Coffee Company marketed trading cards (pictured right) with highly exotic “East Indians” whose imagery was far from the lived experience of Indian immigrants in America at the time. While some may consider these representations to be from a different era, they continue to influence the popular understanding of Indian identity. I feel that more can be said about Indian immigrants and Indian Americans when images such as those in Hollywood films like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom continue without an exhibition and curriculum to tell our story.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Share your family photos and contribute to our collective storytelling. Upload photos to our Facebook page, send them to, or mail it to the address below. Please include your name or your family’s name, the year the photo was taken, and the occasion. We will be accepting submissions until September 15, 2012.

Join and like our campaign on Facebook. Your connection with us on this social platform will encourage everyone to be part of this project. Click here to learn more about the Smithsonian Indian American Heritage Project.

Happy Independence Day!

Warm regards,
Masum Momaya, Curator

How to Submit:
1. Upload to our Facebook page or send them to
2. Identify what is going in and who is in the photo
3. Identify where the photo was taken and when

Mailing Address:
Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Program
Capital Gallery
Suite 7065, MRC: 516
P.O. Box 37012
Washington, DC 20013-7012


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